Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Simon Cowell - Lady Gaga is boring

Now the US X Factor has begun, its only right that Mr Cowell starts saying stupid stuff in order to promote the show.

This week he has stated that singers including Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Katy Perry are all boring! He was also kind enough to label Gaga as the 'most boring singer in the world' I guess she will be joining the list of boring singers. This list so far are as followed:
  • Matt Cardle
  • Leon Jackson
  • Shayne Ward
  • Steve Brookstein

    Obviously Simon Cowell knows what he is on about. I mean of course its boring to turn up to award shows wearing nothing but meat! Or to turn up as your alter ego! This happens all the time, do something original for once Gaga for God sake!!!

    However, being boring has helped her out! She is the most followed person on Twitter! She is also the first artist in history to have four #1 hits from a debut album!

    Maybe Simon needs to think about how good he actually is at judging talent. Glee star Amber Riley was rejected by Mr Cowell and co when she auditioned for American Idol when she was 18. '...They told me no, my world crumbled. I was thinking these people are in the industry and they are telling me no. I'm not good enough to do this.' Isn't it amazing that they missed her talent and she is now in a world famous TV show!

    Anyways their first episode was a huge success, and I'm sure the first series will be a hit so Simon will remain smug.

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