Thursday, 22 September 2011

Robbie Williams turns over a new leaf!

Hey guys. It's been awhile. Sorry for my lack of posting, but my lack of posting got me a new job so it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

So what have I missed? X Factor is as popular as ever, and now the auditions are over its now time for boot camp. But in present time, the wannabes have already been chosen and have been to the judges house; and, from what I have read, Gary's house was very interesting when the hopefuls were introduced to his guest judge Robbie Williams.

Source Sinita

If you remember in 2009 at Simon Cowells house. His guest judge Sinita welcomed the singers covered in leaves. By covered in leaves I don't mean she had a bath in glue and rolled around in Simon's back garden. I mean she was covered in palm leaves which were strategically arranged to shield her private area.

Inspired by her choice in outfit, Robbie, who is a huge fan of X Factor greeted his guests in nothing but a palm leaf. Now this would be amazing if he introduced himself to girls who were huge fans of Robbie Williams. But Gary was given the boys category so I'm sure it wouldn't of had the same effect. Although I could be wrong...

Anyways Robbie helped whittle eight down to four... I guess it was cold when he introduced himself...

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