Monday, 5 September 2011

Red or Black? Black and Blue?! Or Black and White stripes?!

This week, Red or Black has become the main talking point with people tuning in to watch people who have had their benefits cancelled, try using their braincells (which they could use to get themselves a job) to choose Red or Black in order to progress to winning a million pounds.

What is great, is this creation, created by Simon Cowell, has already cause controvercy after news that the first winner Nathan Hagerman, has spent two and a half years in prison, convicted of Bulgary and Assault.

'It's no excuse and I take full responsibility for what happened' Well I should think so as it was you who did it! Both Simon and ITV have defended their decision to have Nathan on the show, even if he did take £1,000,000 from them! Simon is confident that Nathan winning is a good thing. 'I think the money will make a big difference to Nathan and his family' Yeah it will help his partner when it comes to raising the bail money for next time!

In all honesty I don't see what the big deal is other then the fact that his crime was violent. I don't know what Simon can do about it. If you open reality TV shows to people, you are at risk of having people who have been in prison! If they let organisations like Ofcom control who goes on these shows, then X Factor would just have Lee Ryan queing over and over again, hoping for yet another comeback, and maybe his website might be started up again!

Maybe Simon should create a show where only people from bad backgrounds can audition. That way we can stop having those boring and cringe-worthy sob stories on the X Factor and Britain Got Talent.

My message to ITV! If you want to stop letting these people on our TV screens, then maybe you should join forces with the British National Party (BNP) They have a similar goal!

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