Monday, 11 April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton invite their ex's to their wedding!

I was reading 'Now' magazine and i saw an article about Prince William and Kate Middleton inviting six of their ex-partners to their wedding on the 29th of April.

William has invited four of his ex-girlfriends to the ceremony, Arabella Musgrave 28, Rose Farquhar 26, Jecca Craig 28, and finally Davina Duckworth-Chad (Possibly the best name ever) 32 who was once favourite to be Will's bride has been invited.

I feel more sorry for Kate's ex-boyfriends though Rupert Finch 30 and Willem Marx 28. Imagine being introduced to the newly wedded couple and introducing your partner:

Rupert - Congratulations on you marriage

Kate - Thank you very much

Rupert - May i introduce you to my girlfriend Jenny, Jenny is a Bank Manager in Natwest, soon to be promoted to Regional Manager.

Kate - Very nice to meet you Jenny, and Rupert may i introduce William. He is a Prince and in the future he will be KING OF FRICKING ENGLAND! Check Mate Biatch!

As part of the invite, the guests will also recieve a 22 page list of protocol for the wedding day including such things as how to greet the queen, dining rules and also dress code. 'Etiquette is very important but for some it will be a minefield,' a source told the Daily Mirror.

I think the best man might need to have this list as well as i have seen his outfit and i don't think it will be appropriate for the big day.

Source Prince Harry

I honestly cannot wait for the wedding day, not only because it means i get an extra day off work but because i feel it is going to bring the country together for at least one day, and it makes me proud to be English!

Thanks for reading guys and gals

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