Monday, 6 February 2012

Amy drops the bomb! The salon isn't real! OMG!

Source Amy Childs

Somehow... And I would like someone to tell me how, TOWIE has become an award winning programme. But people! It is all a pack of lies!

During an interview, Amy Child's accidentally/on purpose, told a reporter that the salon where girls came to get a vajazzle, was never opened for business!

'Can I tell you a big secret? My beauty salon in TOWIE wasn't real, it was all fake and set up in Mum and Dad's garage,' WTF! Of all the programmes, I thought TOWIE was the most genuine. I thought it was up there with Katie Price's and Leo Penna's.

I wonder if Amy thought people were going to be shocked when she told us the news; and why did she say 'big secret'? What part of TOWIE is believable? Ghost Rider is more believable, even with Nicolas Cage's lack of acting skills.

Source Vajazzles

Hang On! If the salon wasn't real; does that mean Amy was giving women Vajazzles for free in front of cameras? Because that could be seen as soft core pornography! I wonder if Amy's parents knew she was involved in the industry; and ITV for that matter!

For Amy though, everything is fine. She has her own salon now and can give Vajazzle's to whoever she wants, and actually make money from it. She could finally give David Beckham those golden balls everyone talks about. 'I can't believe I have my own beauty salon, It's a dream come true!' Yeah Amy and what about our dream! My dream involves Amy, Jordan, the cast of TOWIE and 'Made in Chelsea' and Jedward being forced to participate in a real Battle Royale' Whether my dream comes true is all down to Channel 5, they would love a programme like this!

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