Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Is Madonna the new face of Loreal?

Source Madonna

The answer is no. But that doesn't stop the singer from claiming that she is worth it.

If you want to see the singer perform, you are going to have to sell your car as tickets are being sold for as much as $300. It appears the Material Girl has no sympathy for the general public who are in the middle of a recession though, because she is worth every penny. Oh well let me go and sell my shares!

She has told her fans 'Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I'm worth it.' Yeah people! Who cares if you have mouths to feed, her botox won't pay for itself! And yeah people do buy handbags Madonna! The difference is handbags look new when bought. If I wanted to see a middle aged woman prance around on stage, i'd watch the singers who perform at my local. At least then I would still have money to drink away the memories.

Source Madonna

Also I would like to know how she is 'worth it'? How is she allowed to break dance on the stage? Is she trying to look cool, or hot to the younger generation? If so she should be on the sex offenders register, not on stage!

Its ok those guys, because I hear her next concert will be to help Haiti. The tickets aren't even going to cost anything. They just have to pay with children... One less mouth for them to feed.

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