Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ashley and Cheryl to get keys to a new house...But Cheryl's mum won't be getting a set!

After appearing at Cheryl Cole's birthday party, it is pretty much confirmed that Cheryl and Ashley Cole will be getting back together, much to the dismay of her friends and family.

According to 'heat' magazine, they are already planning to move into a mansion in Surrey worth £6million. Although this is good news for the couple, it is not good news for Cheryl's mum Joan (who lived with them previously) as Ashley has expressed his desire for it just to be the two of them without the mother-in-law.

Ashley knows that it cannot work with her mum living in the same house, and he has told Cheryl that Joan cannot be part of their relationship. A friend of theirs told 'The Mail' 'Cheryl has to believe she can trust Ashley again. It's a big test of their new relationship as to whether he can behave himself'.' Not being funny, but he wouldn't be able to behave himself if he was tied down... In fact I bet he would prefer it.

I think for comedians everywhere, Ashley should allow Joan to move in with them. There are millions of jokes about mother-in-laws, and recently Ashley has been subject of many comedian's jokes. Imagine putting the two and two together!

As for Cheryl I would like to remind her what the term WAG stands for, 'Women Are Gullable' If I were her I would buy Ashley a mobile phone, maybe a nokia 3310. It doesn't have a camera, but what it does have is snake 2!!! what a game! 

Maybe he could start a hobby when he isn't playing football. He could take up shooting, I hear he is pretty good especially after his incident with a kid on placement. Although to be honest its not the first time Ashley has shot his load into someone he shouldn't have.

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