Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Ashley just can't behave himself!

Ashley Cole has to be the dumbest person in the media right now.

After all the articles we have read recently about Cheryl and Ashley getting back together, he seems to have screwed it up again by sleeping with an air stewardess in LA just before he flew back to be with the Girls Aloud singer for her 28th birthday party.

I don't understand this man! People would give their right testicle to be with Cheryl Cole! Ashley! Looks! You may never be with this woman again!

He is considered to be the best left back in the world but he is also the biggest dumbass in the world, he gets paid over £90k a week, and somehow, by kicking the ball for 90 minutes means that women, who, if I use them as a stereotype, aren't that interested in football, seem to fall for them. Now if Cheryl was shallow then she would only of got with him for his money. But I think she saw something in him, or maybe it was an airgun wedding...

If, after everything Ashley has done to her, Cheryl still wants to be with him, I have the perfect idea for her...ROLE PLAY!!!

Ashley can't seem to settle down with one woman, so why doesn't she become multiple women. She could be Wendy the nurse one day, then Debbie the secretary another day etc. As long as he doesn't get confused when she actually does her job as a singer and sleeps with Cher Lloyd accidently.

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