Monday, 11 July 2011

Chelsea's new boss bans special treatment for players!

For Chelsea Football club, the signing of new Blues boss Andre Villas-Boas sounds like 2011/12 is going to be an exciting season for the premiership. However, for the football players, it could be a very tough, boring season. 

Andre has made some drastic changes at the club to help his players stay focussed by:
  1. Training sessions to start at 9am everyday.
  2. Banning hairdressing treatments for players after training sessions as well as family members.
  3. Limiting the use of mobile phones whilst at the training ground.
  4. Banning paintballing trips which John Terry organises to keep the teams spirit up.
Is it me or is he mainly punishing Ashley Cole. Ashley like nothing better then to send texts including picture messages as well as firing his air rifle in the training ground. The Sun says that they 'bet the WAGs hate this' but i'm sure Cheryl is happy with the decision. She now has Andre to keep an eye on him during the day, and she can keep an eye on him in the evenings. He is being treated like a horny dog!... Although that isn't a bad description at the moment.

Although I do not like how he has conducted his personal life, Ashley Cole is still the best left back in the world! It could even be a good thing for Ashley... It may be the last time any of the Chelsea lads will make jokes about his tiny weapon.

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