Wednesday, 13 July 2011

JLS disappoint fans at T4 on the beach!

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JLS felt forced to pull out of a performance for T4 on the beach because of a lack of sound checking and time set to rehearse a performance created especially for the festival.

To try and stop their fans from turning on them, Marvin Humes posted on the band Facebook page 'We are SO sorry that we are not's something that was beyond our a 4 piece live singing band there is no way we can do such a huge show without a sound check or camera rehearsal..we are extremely disappointed to let you all down.'

The response they got from the wall post was mainly of support, probably from people who didn't have a ticket to go, or people who just wanted to kiss their ass.

There were, however, some pretty annoyed people who responded to their post with some very relevant opinions. One woman said 'My daughter was very upset not to see you as we couldn't get tickets when you were on tour so i thought i would take her to see her first concert to t4otb'

One fan was definitely not happy, even with their apology and posted 'You should try remembering who put you guys where you are now! Obviously disappointing 50,000 people that had paid a lot of money to come and see you wasn't seen as a big deal. If you are as talented as you clearly think you all are shouldn't need a "practice run" when all you have to do is sing live, something surely all "singers" should be able to do no??'

Even I was affected by this...When I found out that they had pulled out, it reminded me that they are actually still around. 

One thing I feel they should of done is followed in the footsteps of Jessie J who had to pull out on medical grounds due to a broken foot. If they cared about their fans, they should of hurt themselves I'm sure they could of found someone to help them do it. I don't live too far away from Weston I could of popped over to help...

In no way am I condoning self-harming. This is purely a joke. Unless you are Jedward...

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