Monday, 4 July 2011

Leandro Penna to be a father...Whether he likes it or not!

Katie Price has been buying baby magazines, taking supplements and planning to create a nursery as she is determined to get pregnant with current boyfriend Leandro Penna. Although she is excited about this, Leo's family are greatly concerned that his modelling career is suffering the longer he stays in the UK with her. I just think his mental well-being is suffering personally!

They; as well as myself, believe that Katie is just using him to get pregnant, which should be quite easy considering there is a language barrier between the pair! I can imagine Katie mumbling, 'I want your baby' Leo responds 'Que' (Or K if you don't know how to pronounce it) and Katie takes that as an agreement.

Leo needs to get out while he still can, if not for him then for us. I'm already bored about their relationship. Plus it will save on his travel expenses.

Katie if you want to get pregnant then there are sperm banks for that. Don't make another man suffer for the rest of his life by being forced to keep in contact with you. Or if you're determined to have a famous husband be the father then why not get in contact with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or even Ryan Giggs. I hear they would be good at creating a love child.

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