Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rio Ferdinand joins the naughty list

Rio Ferdinand has become the latest premier league footballer to become the center of an alledged affaire with possibly 10 women in the last 13 years.

The main affair started 13 years ago with a interior designer named Carly Storey when the central defender was a reserve in West Ham, which lasted 13 years during which time Rio has got married and had 2 children. Ferdinand is now seeking damages from a Sunday Newspaper for Invasion of Privacy, although the newspaper is defending itself by quoting the freedom of speech act.

I don't know why he feels he has a leg to stand on. If you don't want bad things from your life such as affairs to be talked about in a newspaper, then don't have affairs! Simple!

So Rio's lawyer is saying that his client is not supposed to be a role model, that his job is to play football. Well if he doesn't want to be a role model, then he shouldn't have gotten a job that children think is cool. Maybe he should get a job as a poo inspector, no-one thinks that is a cool.

I just thought, if he has had an affair with 10 different women, no wonder he has had so many injuries!

Slowly our England team are becoming all cheats. All i'll say to them is if they are going to cheat, can they do it on the pitch so we can actually win something!

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