Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Being married has made Ashely Cole cheat!

Personal Trainer, Collette McBarron, who spent an intimate night with Cheryl Cole's again ex Ashley Cole cuddling, insists they just chatted about his split from the Geordie singer and has discovered the reason for all the cheating Ashley did.

'You go from being someones boyfriend to being their husband...When you're someones boyfriend, you don't feel so much responsibility towards that person.' Ashley said. What a gentleman! 'Once you're a husband you can't act in a way that you would have done if you were a boyfriend.'

So does that mean that Cheryl was aware of what Ashley was like before they got married? Did she think that marrying him would calm him down? If so that is unbelievable! Its like Germany being in a relationship with Hitler who wanted to rule the world, but they thought, 'If we invade Poland, that should calm him down'

But Collette is convinced his cheating is not all his fault. 'He can't help but be sucked onto the world of nightclubs and girls because it goes with the job,' She tells the Daily Mail. Umm No Collette! His job is being a football player. That involves training, playing games, sponsorship. If anything, by going out and drinking actually hinders some players. If he wants partying to go with the job, maybe he should get into business with Peter Stringfellow.

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