Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Alex Reid stops dressing as a woman for Chantelle!

Chantelle Houghton, girlfriend of Alex Reid has declared she has won the first round in her battle against Katie Price AKA Jordan.

The couple has been together for four months and to show his dedication to Chantelle, he has hung up his stockings and stilettos and has said goodbye to 'Roxanne'. 'He wouldn't do it for Jordan but all I had to do was ask' she told Now magazine. She may be proud of her accomplishment but I think its because he doesn't like any of the clothes she owns.

He looks like Chyna from WWE; and I have a feeling Chantelle didn't just ask. Maybe she offered something in return... Maybe a signed copy of her book. That would scare me into doing anything she asked.

I think he needs to think about hanging up his gloves as well. I mean how can he expect to intimidate his opponents in the cage? Unless he hope that they would never hit a girl. Might want to think again Alex!

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