Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lady Gaga turns Gentleman Gaga!

Gaga has done plenty to surprise her fans and the media to make us go WOW! But not this time, for me her latest stunt was quite sad and a bit dull.

This year at the 2011 VMA's, Gaga took home two moon men for 'Best Video with a message' and 'Best Female Video'. However, because the singer was too busy to receive the awards, she sent he alter-ego Joe Calderone to the stage to collect them on her behalf.

This 'man' also performed with rock legend Brian May and presented Britney Spears with a Lifetime achievement award. Not wanting to be upstaged by the Queen of Pop, Gaga, sorry Joe approach Britney wanting a smooch. Britney reacted in a brilliant, professional way by saying 'I've done that already' referring to her kiss with Madonna back in 2003.

That was the best decision that Britney could of made! When I heard about what Gaga did, I was quite annoyed because Gaga is already world famous, and although her alter-ego is a brilliant idea, she should not of done what she did because a lifetime achievement award is a big deal for singers. She should not of tried to take the spotlight away from Britney!

In regards to Gaga's alter-ego. It could also be mistaken for split personality disorder, and if you remember her performance at Glastonbury, she was kind enough to show us some nutage so maybe this is her way of getting us to accept her/him...

I actually think she is a genious! If she was accept as both male and female, she could be the first singer ever to win best male and best female in the same award show.

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