Thursday, 11 August 2011

John Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney plea to stop the rioting!

In an attempt to stop the rioting, England captain John Terry, along with Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney have attended a press conference to plead to the rioters to stop, allowing the premiership games to start this weekend.

Club England managing director Adrian Bevington spoke on the behalf of the players. Their joint statement said: ‘On behalf of the squad, we would like to say we are disappointed that tomorrow’s game has been called off but obviously we understand the reasons behind this decision and support it. We’ve all seen the terrible pictures on the television and the most important thing at this time is the safety of the fans and the general public. At this time, the whole squad would like to appeal for calm and an end to the disorder that has been ongoing.’ 

Now I think its great that the England team are trying to use their status as role models to make a difference. But why choose these three? One of them was banned for 6 months for missing drug tests, and they have all been in the newspapers because of adultery. It would of been equally as affective if they bought the Kray Twins back from the dead to ask for peace.

What is going on with this country anyway. They are using the shooting of Mark Duggan by police as an excuse to cause havoc. Here are my issues with that:
  1. He was a gang member
  2. Even if he didn't fire his weapon. If he pointed it at armed police, they are going to shoot.
  3. His picture definitely made him appear to be the pillar of the community

Now I have an idea on how to punish these teenagers. Obviously chucking them in prison would be great, but we do have a problem with them being full. Why don't we go to these people's houses, go up to the their rooms, grab everything expensive that they own e.g. TV, CD player, ipod, mobile, games consoles etc. Take the items, put them in a skip, and set the feckers on fire, and make them watch. We could even chuck them in but I don't know if that comes under their human rights.
I don't know about you guys but all this rioting goes to show that we need to listen more to the Kaiser Chiefs!

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