Friday, 19 August 2011

The Return of BB!

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So it has begun. Big Brother is back on our screens! After saying goodbye to the show on Channel 4, I thought I was free from seeing mindless idiots pretending to be someone they are not. But Channel 5 has decided that the public needs to receive another dose of the show that created reality TV.

Tonight BB was kicked off with Celebrity Big Brother, and what a wide range of 'celebrities' we have in there. We have a movie stars, 'singers', a gypsy fighter, a pr**k (Paparazzi), an ex wife of a more famous character on Baywatch, and my favourite, the wife of the speaker in the House of Commons (Although I am confused as to how she has been classed as a celebrity...?)

Source Amy Childs

The main contestants put together, have enough braincells to make two slices of toast! A prime example is Amy Childs, known for being the main character in TOWIE. During her introduction, she described herself as the following... 'I really am ditsy, I really don't think before I speak!' Should prove to be some good viewing then. I may to put the show on subtitiles when she speaks though.

Kerry Katona, was first contestant in, and was lucky enough to be picked for the first BB challenge. Her job was to become a diva and throw a tantrum in front of everyone. Shouldn't be hard for the ex Atomic Kitten singer. There are a couple of things she could complain about. How about that fact that the producers did not provide her with any recreational substances! Or the fact that the amount of alcohol provided was only enough to give her dutch courage!

One housemate which I was surprised to see in there was Darryn Lyons AKA Mr Paparazzi! And when I did see him, the first thing I thought was how he was the definition of the word hypocrite. He looked shocking! He's overweight, terrible hair and has a crap dress sense! And yet he is the man who is in charge magazines that judges celebrities and makes their lives hell. I think whilst he is in there, all the celebrities should band together and create a magazine, purely concentrated on him, with constant criticism. Shouldn't be too difficult, he is an arse!

Now what shocked me the most is when the annoying duo Jedward entered the house! They seemed to be the centre of attention! Half of me hated seeing them on TV, generally because I can't stand them! But the other half is really glad they are in. I actually think the producers should keep them in there even when the show has finished and the cameras are turned off. Whilst the show is on however, I think they need to be pushed to their limits. One thing I would love to see is how they would behave if they were kept apart from each other for the whole show. Hopefully a lot of crying and erratic behaviour.

As much as I would like to say this will be my only post about BB. I don't think I will be able to avoid it as there are so many muppets in there, something is bound to go wrong.

Let me know what you think of the housemates. Do you think they will all gel together or will there be some friction?

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