Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Return of X Factor!

So because we have the launch of Big Brother! It seems only right that ITV would launch something to compete against C5. So may I introduce to you, the X Factor! The build up has been going on for quite some time, and my fiance has been getting more and more excited, that I thought her head was going to explode!

So I think the first episode started really well. There were plenty of people who I hated, contestants that went through who shouldn't of, and it was filled with complete wierdos!

It started off well, all four judges arrived in style, being flown in their own individual helicopter! I do feel though that they could of saved on the carbon footprint if they shared just one though. Very Irresponsible! The new judges, if you have been in a cave for a year and don't know what is going on, are Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos and Gary Barlow, who is the only bloke who can judge talent it seems!

Whilst I was watching it with a group of friends, all of them questioned why Louis was back as a judge. He was the one who made us suffer last year with Wagner! I even think ITV is questioning themselves, even when they introduced him in the beginnning. they reminded us that he is famous for creating the boy bands Boyzone and Westlife...Well Boyzone was created 18 years ago, and Westlife 13 years ago, so in my opinion that isn't good enough anymore! He needs to up his game!

The person who stuck out the most for me was Kitty Brucknell AKA the new Jekyll and Hyde! I actually feel guilty for labelling Katie Price 'fame-hungry' compared to this woman. She came onto the stage, quite humble and shy, and performed Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory for which I can only describe as listening to a CD, but unfortunately, that isn't a compliment. If we wanted to hear an exact rendition of the brilliance of Gaga, we would watch 'Stars In Their Eyes'. The judges quite rightly praised her singing voice but failed to remember that it is called the X Factor...She wasn't anything special, and when she got all four yes', Mrs Hyde made an appearance! She suddenly felt right at home, had a nice chinwag with the audience before being told to leave by the judges! I have a feeling we are going to have another Katie Waissel. But as they say, all publicity is good publicity, which lucky for her, I have plenty of bad publicity for her. What I cringe worthy weirdo! I think she has it in her head that she is already a star! When she sat on the stage I just wanted to throw my shoe at the telly, however I was round a friends house so I don't think she would of appreciated that, even though they are K-Swiss!

Another singer who stood out was George Gerasimou, someone who returned after two years when he was part of a group called 'Triple Trouble'. Basically a group of chavs with a terrible attitude who could not accept constructive criticism from the judges and decided to respond with verbal abuse.

Anyway, I think for entertainment, he was allowed to come back for a rematch. He spoke to the judges about how he is a changed man, how he was short tempered two years ago, but has turned his life around. This lasted for 4 minutes until during his performance Gary Barlow stopped as he had heard enough, which I think all the viewers had as well. After the music stopped he turned into the hulk. Started slagging off the judges, most memorable insult being aimed at Tulisa 'You're some scumbag trying to replace Cheryl. Some scumbag from the block.' I was surprised that he didn't pull out a Burberry cap and some Reebok classics when he started mouthing off. He was a waste of screen time! He would of had more luck during the London riots in coming away with something worthwhile, maybe an Asbo!

Unfortunately though, the judges are yet again controlled by the audience! The judges were treated to a 48 year old lady from Hong Kong called Goldie Cheung, who murdered...whatever song she sang at the beginning, and also Tina Turner's song Proud. However because the audience found it funny, this meant any criticism given from the judges was followed by boos by people who have paid to see four celebrities, who have had major success, give their opinion on whether they think the person has the X Factor. But because the judges don't like boos, other than Gary Barlow. They gave in and gave her three yes'.

What is the point in this being a singing competition if any numpty is welcome with open arms. If this continues then we will be having another load of Jedwards and Wagners in our finals wasting a place that someone with actual talent could of taken!

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