Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jordan experiencing her mid-life crisis

Jordan has admitted to close friends that she is extremely worried that she is no longer considered sexy to the opposite sex. A source close to the reality TV star says 'She's getting scared that she is losing her sex symbol.' Well stop having all those surgeries! Because eventually there will be a mix up and you may go from having a V to having a P.

The ex model's confidence is slipping, even after falling into a relationship with Agentinian model Leandro Penna. A friend of hers told Now! 'She's never been happy with how she looks, which is why she's had so many boob jobs, lipo and fillers'

Apparently Leandro made it worse when he paid her a compliment by saying how gorgeous she looked in her early pictures. What a horrible man!!! Luckily for Jordan its whats inside that counts, which is her original face and breasts!
Anyway Jordan has nothing to worry about. Men don't just go for looks. Personality is just as important...Oh...umm...Sorry Jordan, maybe you should be scared.

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