Friday, 26 August 2011

Big Brother Bullying!

Another year, another Big Brother controversy surrounding bullying! This time it is Bobby Sabel vs Amy Childs.

It started when Lucien showed a keen interest in the Essex girl. However Bobby quickly made his feelings clear by voicing his opinion. 'I think she'll bleed you dry for everything you're worth. Don't go near it. You're smarter than it, you don't need it.' I hope for his sake 'It' means the whole subject of using people to stay in the media!

Apart from saying 'It' I cannot see what the big deal is? On that programme, the housemates are constantly having to voice their opinion while they are in the diary room. If not, the only thing they would be able to say is 'Its alright' or 'They are alright' etc.

If this is going to go any further, then may I suggest that they cancel diary room conversations and nominations. Or even just turn off the sound together... Actually, turning off the sound is the best idea. At least then we won't have to listen to the likes of Amy and Jedward talking bollocks.

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