Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Brother, Big Disappointment!

I thought when Big Brother launched itself onto Channel 5, I was going to have a lot of stories to write about after each episode. I was sadly mistaken!

Nothing major has happened since they all arrived in the house last friday, apart from John (From Jedward) dropping a pot of Coleslaw on the floor and not cleaning it up. I have struggled to watch an entire episode because the tasks they do are boring. The latest being Mr Pap taking pictures of the housemates in certain positions to create a news article, those photos, I would like to add, were crap considering it is a profession that he is famous for!

Yesturday I wrote down notes during the episode for me to write about today. However, after a good nights sleep, looking at the notes, I don't want to waste mine and your time. I'll give you examples:
  • Amy tells some housemates about her camel toe experience Thrilling!
  • Sally praises Jedward for not singing about themselves - They can't sing anyway!
  • Jedward got into bed with Amy - Goes to show that together those three make one braincell!
 Source Bored Viewers
    If this is what it is like with celebrities in the house, (people who we have a tiny bit of interest in) then what is it going to be like when normal housemates go in. Channel 5 may go back to have seriously low ratings.

    BB have tried to spice things up a bit by setting Jedward a task. They have to be 5 meters away from eachother at all times and cannot wear the same outfits. Good thinking but why only 5 meters? Why can't they make it so one of the twins have to be in a room cut off from the other housemates, letting them swap every couple of hours. Then we would see what they are really like on their own!

    I really hope this is just a trial run. If not I am going to have to find something else to watch! My fiance has put 'Home Under the Hammer' on series link. We could have a winner!!!

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