Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Commercials increased by 22%!!!!!

Now i'm sure you are all like me. When you are watching a programme, getting really into it, you are rudely interrupted sodding TV channels throwing up to 5 minutes worth of adverts that you have no interest in. Well figures show that audiences are watching an extra 22% more edverts then they were 5 years ago, utter disgrace!

I can understand adverts which shows us programmes which will be coming to our TV screens in the near future. But constant adverts about accidents which weren't my fault is boring.

It has gotten to the stage where you could, if you have time on your hands (which I did) put a short story together during those five minutes. In fact...I have actually done it...

So the fat, annoying 'Go Compare' bloke was walking down the street reading a letter from 'Gladstone Brookes' about PPIs when he fells over Aleksandr the meerkat and sprained his ankle. Now because he was injured in an accident which wasn't his fault, he knew by the constant adverts, that he could be entitled to compensation. But he needed money just in case he lost so he had to put all his gold into an envelope and sent it off to 'Cash my Gold'. Now that still wasn't enough so he had to use 'Quick Quid' for help. So after a week he won, but because of the 1734% APR he got into financial difficulty. So he had to consolidate all his loans into one manageable monthly repayment.

Its a crap story but they are crap adverts!

The problem is, they are aimed at naive benefit cheating muppets who would cut off their hand if it meant they could get a 40" TV out of it.

How many times do 'Gladstone Brookes' and other companies have to advertise PPI's?! I wish I was allowed to be the voice of their advert. 'If you have had a loan in the last six years where you didn't understand your repayments or the insurance sold to you. Then you shouldn't of taken out the loan you f**king idiot, you deserve everything you get!'

Its the same with 'Quick Quid' what a brilliant advert 'Too many bills this month? Then do what I did! Visit QuickQuid.co.uk/TV and get the money you need today...Its so quick and simple, I got the money, and in return they now own my house, and I work as an escort in the evenings to try and pay it back. If you are interested why not call me on 0800GULLABLE'

Guys please ignore these adverts. Unless you like teddies, if so, use compare the market and you can get a teddy bear!

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