Saturday, 27 August 2011

Thames Water urges women not to shave their legs!

Now we can understand a hosepipe ban during our extremely hot weather. Because as we all know, England always seem to suffer from extremely hot weather during the summer, such as the summer of 2011. But I think we all know, if you tell women to stop shaving their legs to save on water, their response will be, 'well I'm not thirsty anyway' Its like asking Lee Evans to stop sweating on stage. Its not going to happen!

According to Thames Water, women use up to 50 billion litres a year by leaving the tap running. Apparently their research shows that if this stopped, there would be enough water to supply all homes in London for 25 days during times of low rainfall. 'We're not saying women shouldn't remove hair from their legs. We're just asking them to do it in a water-conscious way.'

I think if we are going to criticise women wasting energy, then how about when they leave the TV on when programmes such as Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders are on. Such a waste!!!

I think if they are serious about this, they need a campaign, and I think someone like Susan Boyle, possibly Julia Robert could lead it.

That armpit hair is disgusting. Not just because it is on a woman, but because that must of took a fair few weeks to grow. Maybe she was going to audition as a hobbit for the up-coming film 'The Hobbit' Have we got a picture of her feet?

This could save us a lot of water but I don't know whats more important. Saving water, or keeping women happy...However this leads to another question. Would men prefer silence for a couple of days, or to have their girlfriend happy... I know my answer...
Love you fiance!

Article read in the Daily Mail

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